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"Manual transaxle Motorcraft Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid"Part Number: XT-M5-QS Specification: WSD-M2C200CThat's what the owners manual says to use. He also stated that Royal Purple Syncromax and Rotella T6 5w40 are acceptable as well. Feels great in the warmer climates, but here in the winter, where it gets down to the hh teens, the trans can be a bit difficult to get into gear.

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Is there an equivalent available at the parts store or am I forced to make the trip to the dealer? Doesn't anyone with Fords drain and fill manual transmission fluid? Check on the Ford Focus Fanatics forums for more info on your car. When its replaced again I will probably use either the Ford fluid (if I can get a loan) or the Royal Purple stuff.

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When I did the Manual Transmission fluid exchange on my former 2010 Focus I used the Ford fluid which I bought @ the dealer. BTW, the wife has a 2005 ZX5 and she loves her car! I only used T6 cuz I could not get RP, and I didn't feel like paying $20/qt from the Ford dealer.


Good Luck I have a 2006 ZX4 SES with the manual and yes it is fun to drive.. Terry Haines over at has tons of experience with the X-75 and recommends the Ford fluid.

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